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Buyer Services by Sandra -- Serving North Metro Atlanta!
With my Home Buyer Services you will have an agent
representing you that is experienced and aggressive. I want to be
your agent for life -- not just get you into a home for the sale. So
many factors go into purchasing a home in the vast Atlanta metro
area -- Making sure it's the right decision for you is at the top of
my list.

My Buyer Services will assure you that you are making the right
decision and getting the best deal. I have represented new home
buyers to move up buyers to land acquisitions for development.
With my home buyer services you're assured of these important
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Consultation Before Your Atlanta Area Home Search Begins.
We need to know your wants and needs so your time is not
wasted looking at homes that do not fit into your lifestyle.
Creative Financing
Getting You the Financing Up Front.
Loan Qualification, we work with some of the most productive
loan officers in the business, giving you access to any one of the
thousands of loan programs available and making sure it's the right
loan for you.
Closing Attorney
The Search Begins...
You begin receiving all homes on the market that meet your
criteria. New listings can go fast so receiving email updates or a
phone call or fax the day homes come on the market is in your
best interest.
Home Warranty
Customized Methods of Weeding Out Homes.
Better Ways to Find Your Home!
Whether you want to have an agent with you when you do
preliminary drive-bys or you want to go with your family for the
preliminaries, it's up to you. Many of our clients drive by potential
homes to get a feel for the neighborhood and the home before
they go inside. If the area or home is not appealing to you, it can
be taken off the list, thereby saving you time.
Home Repair
Professional 'Transaction Management'.
Ensuring that the end result is smooth and that all legal items and
paperwork are complete and solid. NO SURPRISES!!
Lender Requirements
Other Home Buyer Services available to you by Sandra
Structural Engineers

Tidbits for Buyers!
Don't wait for the perfect
house...there isn't one.

Don't buy before you do some
comparison shopping.

Don't write an unrealistic offer
or you will simply be helping
someone else's offer look good.

Don't feel a need to negotiate
if a property is new to the
market, priced right and in a
popular location...the good
ones often go quickly and at
full or close to full price.

Don't think all real estate
agents are created equal...
they are NOT.

Don't be afraid to write an
offer and write one based on
what it is worth to YOU..

Don't wait for perfect time to
buy. The best time to buy is
when you have found the
right home.

Don't work with more than
one agent. Interview and find
one your are comfortable with.
Find one you like and stick with
them. If you make a bad choice,
change but stick with the
new ONE.

Don't go into a new home
community sales center without
your agents card. Tell them up
front you are working with
an agent!!

Don't get friends and family
involved in your buying decision,
you'll go NUTS! They are not
experts and can't be objective.

Don't wait until you find a home
to shop for the best loan. Start
up-front. We can help with that.

Don't be surprised if you get
buyer's remorse at some time
before closing...most buyers do.
It is normal and it will pass. We
keep chocolate on hand
just in case!
Buyer Representation is FREE!
Why Leave Home Without It?
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